It it NOT - part two


So at the beginning of the month I wrote a post bemoaning the fact that it was August
{see here}
which was followed by a post of all the reason why I love August in an attempt to make me actually love it.
{see here}

And now August is over-whaaat???

Overall, it hasn't been bad.

There was a period of almost three weeks straight where we were in the triple-digits, but I was inside most of that time, anyway.

It turns out that I was totally wrong about school being stress-free during August. Totally, entirely, ridiculously wrong. I must have jinxed myself by assuming that. But I've managed to get through it - and I still have pretty good grades so far!

And then last Tuesday I was told that I would be substituting for the ward organist the following Sunday...meaning that I had to learn all the songs in the three hours I would have to practice.
{Cue hysteria....}
But that went fine, too.


I have a couple of questions for you.

#1) Imagine you are the ward organist. You know that you are going to be out of town this coming Sunday, and you need to find a replacement. You choose:

a) the woman who has been playing for about as long as you (roughly 20-30 years) and is your usual substitute
b) the man who has been playing for between 8 and 10 years and has substituted for you twice before
c) The man who has been playing for around 5 years and had been used as a last resort a couple of times
d) that one chick who's been playing for about a year and gets to practice an hour a week every few weeks

#2) You are planning a funeral, and you need a pianist. You call:

a) the ward organist and choir pianist
b) the ward organist and pianist's regular substitute
c) the Relief Society pianist
d) that one chick with less than half of the experience of all the above choices

Who in their right mind chooses D for both?
I don't understand my ward.



 All in all, I think I successfully managed to make myself enjoy August.
Conquering yourself feels pretty good...even if it's something as simple as this.

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