Dear Boys,

My trip was amazing! You'll get to hear all about it very soon, but for now.....................

Dear D,

GOOD JOB. Seriously - so much less awkward.
I really appreciate it - you're OK, kid.


Dear Deere,

You're go-o-o-o-ne :""(
And you won't be back until, like, Thanksgiving - and I did my hair just for you!

Wish you were here,

Dear Duck,

Hey, hey, you, you, I DON'T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND.
You are no longer allowed to smile at me like that until you break up with her.

Love (see how generous I am? I'm still giving you love),

Dear Doctor,

Hey, hey, you, you.....
This is rather frustrating.
I actually really like your girlfriend. Like, best friend status.
Why do you do this to me?


P.S. It wouldn't hurt to keep in mind that while she will be moving in a month or so, I will still be here...

Dear Fingers,

That was fun - I really did like talking to you - but no. I'm sorry! Seriously!


Dear Dancer,

The world could use more guys like you.
You're a great dancer (even though you claimed not to be! whatever!), a great talker, you made me feel pretty darn good about being me, and you didn't seem to care about the age gap....or you thought I was a wee bit older than I actually am.
Too bad you're leaving, too.



Dear Louis,

You were very rude. I hope you know that. You can't just blow off one of my best friends like that.
And it frustrates me very much that I still liked you after that, so you should stay away. Just pretend you're too cool for us.

Thank you much,

Dear Train,

I am so excited for your date tomorrow! When you have the most fun you've ever had on a date, remember that it was my idea :)

The Girl Who Was Always Right

Dear Mormon Boys in general,

Thank you. Thank you for all you do to uphold your priesthood duties and become more like Christ. Thank you for the examples you set for the world. Thank you for being there for us girls.
Also, it's super attractive when you get all spiritual in public. Never, never, never stop doing that!

Love and hugs,
An Admiring Mormon Girl

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