Daycation the Second - Oakland

I love Oakland. I know I said that I wanted to move to Santa Cruz, but the houses in Oakland kinda won me over.

The Chabot Space and Science Center was pretty cool. I got to look through a 100+ year old telescope to see Venus. The best part was when we took pictures that were supposed to show what we would look like floating around in space {really, the camera just took a picture while we were jumping}.

And the best part - we couldn't go to Oakland without stopping by the temple! My parents were sealed for time and all eternity in this temple, so it has special significance to me. We walked around the temple terrace, which was gorgeous. Then we went to the Visitor's Center, where we were showed around by a couple of  bubbly, fabulous sister missionaries. They showed us this exhibit about families...which left me bawling. Then they took us through the room where they have copies of the Book of Mormon in zillions of languages....where I recovered from my fit of crying. Then they showed us this exhibit about service {which showcased the Madera, CA LDS vineyard, which is the vineyard we maintain for our welfare project! that was cool}.....and I managed to hold back my tears. I was a total mess-and it was great:)

I am so grateful for those moments when you feel the Spirit so strongly and are so stinking glad that it has to come out of your tear ducts - and for my eternal family!

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