FYI; Also, My Heels Are High

top: thrifted // necklace: earned, church /
dress&belt: f21 // shoes: target

Look at me, trying to be a fashion blogger...yeah, this is why I'm a lifestyle blogger instead.

In other news, I'm off to camp for the next week! I'll be off in the woods without any technology. Not that me taking long breaks from blogging is anything unusual {as of this year, anyway}, I just thought I'd let y'all know. 

So here's to an amazing week for everyone, and a happy Fourth of July!



Friday I'm in Love

1//We made homemade bagels earlier this week. Slightly misshapen, but delicious nonetheless!
2//I sewed a pretty amazing cape as a favor for a skit.

3//Aren't they adorable? I get to go to the church Girl's Camp as a leader this year, which means I'm in charge of decorating the cabin for my girls. We're the "Emerald Sea Turtles", so I made enough turtles to almost make me sick of them.
4//I spent a day at the lake, crossing "kayaking" off of this year's bucket list! And, as an extra bonus, I finally got rid of the tan line from my running shorts. #success

 5//I downloaded GIMP (because it's free), and thus far I've managed to turn a nice photo into this beaut^.
This is what we call progress, people.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


Dear Boys,

 Dear Duck,

Glad that's over.

See ya,

Dear Conductor.

I wish there was a way that  I could be nice to you 
without you attaching yourself to me indefinitely.


Dear Deere,

You getting engaged wasn't really in the plans...
but congratulations anyway!

I'll get over it,

Dear Ewok.

Yeah, this whole "never-seeing-you-again" thing kinda sucks.

Come back?

Dear Louis,

You are thoroughly confusing.
 And so I'm stepping back.


Dear B-Face,

I take it back. 
I was totally okay with you being pretty much
 officially out of my life. You can stay out now.


My dearest Spaniard,

This week makes one year.
Can we go back to then?

La Senorita

Dear Bloglovin',

I've gotten used to you. 
And I may have even - dare I say it? - learned to love you.


Dear Google,

I forgive you.


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Summer Is

...pancakes for breakfast. Real pancakes. Not these.
(speaking of which, I still cringe every time I eat a banana thanks to that experience)

...the things you never get too old for. Like blasting the radio, dressing up, and 
having a dance party while you're home alone. Which totally happened.

...sleeping in late. check.
(that sticker on the clock? Ei klokke. That's from back when I was teaching myself 
Norwegian. I don't remember any)

...Psych marathons. I've discovered that I laugh much harder and louder when I'm
watching them by myself. 

...BOOKS. Oh, how I have missed the books! 
Summer means I finally have time to READ. And that's pretty much the best part.

Also, this song:

It's kinda the opposite of what this post is about, but I'm obsessed with it. And Sara Bareilles in general.


Late Night Musings

I have a friend who has a very clear picture in her mind of who she wants to be.
She's got every detail down - from what she wants to look like, to what she wants to be able to do, to where she wants to live - everything. And she's working hard to get exactly where she wants to be. I have total confidence in her ability to become who she wants to be.
I really admire her for that.

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