Paradigm Shift!

I love lists. Therefore, if I make a list about August, I will, by extension, love August. At least, that's the goal.
{see here and here for why I need this list}

And now, in no particular order:

#1) I still get to wear sandals & flip-flops everywhere

#2) I get to start running in races again!

#3) Classes start ... while this causes stress, it gives me opportunities to learn. Learning is definitely my passion!

#4) Because it is still summer, I can go to the beach/swimming on weekends

#5) Every four years, the Olympics happen in August! And we all know how much I love the Olympics!
{I'm actually writing this during the commercial breaks 
of the women's beach volleyball match between the US and Denmark}

#6) Since only the first few weeks of school are in August, I think it's safe to assume that things won't get too stressful yet......{knock on wood}

#7) Extra time to finish my summer tan
{haha-what summer tan?}

#8) I LOVE buying notebooks and pens, and August is an ideal time to do such things!

#9) Great clearance on summer clothing!

#10) Even though it's still to hot to dress like it's fall, I can start stocking up on additions to my fall wardrobe

There you have it. I went blank after #6, but I made it! I'll just have to remember these things throughout August and be grateful instead of complaining. I will love this month!

1 comment:

  1. Love it. August is a good month, if you ever need more reasons - let me know and I'll give you a billion! ;)

    Also, I love your blog. :)


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