Dear Boys,

Dear Duck,

This was supposed to be my "Happy-Birthday-to-you-and-goodbye-I'm-not-going-to-think-about-you-ever-again-and-you-have-officially-graduated-from-dear-boys" letter...but things kinda changed, didn't they?
And I'm not sure how I feel about that now. Ecstatic and ticked. Happy and nervous. Bipolar, to sum it up.

So...yeah. Happy Birthday!

Dear Tech-y,

I might strangle you one of these days.
Figuratively, of course.
Keep your distance.


Dear Ewok,

I still haven't decided if being productive is worth missing out on you...

Love you too,

Dear Peewee,

Hm. Curiouser and curiouser. Still, better than last time.


Dear Dough-boi,

Way to break our perfect record... At least it was fun! #lonelyparameciumproblems


Dear Michelangelo,

So guess how I'll be doing my hair more often?


Dear Boys in General,

Not every date has to be so serious! Get over yourselves and just have some fun!

Thank you kindly,
Just fishing


Once Upon a Time, I Made New Year's Goals.

And then I promptly forgot about them. As in, if you asked me right this very second what they are, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I'm going to go look them up so I can re-post them right now. And make a list of them to put on my wall.
So it turns out these were my goals:

Now would be a good time to start working on them...
Better late than never!


The Morning I Didn't Make a Mess Getting Dressed

scarf: h&m, thrifted // cardi: ross  //  dress: thrifted //
belt: thrifted // tights: hand-me-down // shoes: twentyone, thrifted
Generally, I leave for church in the morning having emptied most of my closet onto my floor - but not today. This is the one and only outfit I tried on.
Which is definitely a miracle that may never happen again.


Sometimes...I need to remember how much I have to be happy about.
Not today, per se - today's a happy day - but just in general.

Instead of how annoying this bipolar weather is {fuh-reeeezing in the morning, sweating by the afternoon} - how awesome it is that I can still wear all my favorite winter pieces, just in layers.

Instead of how strongly I dislike going to school {have I complained about that lately? I haaaaaate my classes...} - how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be educated, and the gift of being able to learn relatively quickly and retain that knowledge.

Instead of being annoyed by a certain person - being glad that apparently somehow I'm a good example to them? And then trying to be better.

Instead of wanting more - being grateful for enough.

Instead of dwelling on mistakes - accepting the Atonement and moving on.

Sunday Style at Plane Pretty
Style Showcase at MoMoMod
Watch What I'm Wearing at Watch Out for the Woestmans
My Style Monday at My Greatest Hits


It's About Time

You know how they say that when you're learning a language, and you start to dream or think in that language, that means that you're becoming fluent?

I dreamed in blog posts the other night.
I must be becoming fluent.

Happy Saturday!


Dear Boys,

Dear Red,

Such a gentleman...ish. But hey, thanks for teaching me how to golf.


Dear Louis,

Ugh. I know I shouldn't be rude...but ugh.
If you didn't hate me before, I'm 99% positive you probably should now.


Dear Train,

I'm sorry it didn't work out - please don't beat yourself up about it!


Dear Ewok,

I definitely prefer watching movies with you...

Love you too,

Dear Tech-y,

It's nice to know that thus far you're remained entirely oblivious to how rude I am to you sometimes...


Dear Camaro,

Well, you're a new and totally unexpected variable...


Dear Dough-boi,

Nobody's died yet! I think we're a success.
Also, I'd eat potato starch with you anytime.


Dear Peewee,

I like this way better than whatever awkwardness it was that we left off on. Let's keep it this way, okay?


My dearest Stripling Warrior,

Just so you know, I love that you're such a gentleman. Everyone else does too. And I love everyone in your life that is molding you to become whoever you're going to be when I meet you.

All my love and then some,
Your Virtuous Woman...in training


This is Who I'll Be Spending Valentine's Day With.

Dear Boys,

You're all useless. This is where the real love is:

Just Fine without You

Hope y'all  have a happy Valentine's Day -- I know I will!



It Really Was Too Good To Be True...

A while ago I pinned these pancakes on Pinterest.


3 ingredients, healthy, and delicious - amazing, right?
It may just be me {which is totally possible. I have a tendency of not quite following directions...but how could I mess this up???}, but these things were nasty. Like "holy-cannoli-let-me-choke-this-down-before-I-gag" nasty.

They may look pretty decent here, but NO. No, no, no. Do not be deceived.
As soon as I finished mixing the batter, I knew it was going to be bad...so I added chocolate chips. Lots and lots of chocolate chips. And they helped a bit. The one on the right in the picture actually ended up tasting all right. I accidentally cooked it veeeery well (like, it was totally black on both sides), but that ended up being a good thing. I took my attention away from the nastiness of the pancake itself.

It was a very filling breakfast - but I've definitely learned that if something sounds too good to be true...it probably is.

However, if you are still crazy enough to try these...things...after reading this post, a few recommendations:
#1) Mash the bananas thoroughly. And once you think you've mashed them thoroughly, mash them some more. And then a couple more times. I'm thinking it might help the texture.
#2) The recipe calls for almond butter...and maybe it actually needed almond butter and you shouldn't substitute that for peanut butter. Maybe.
#3) Have add-ins. I really don't think I would have finished them if I didn't know I'd be getting a nice dose of chocolate with each bite. You could go a healthier route, I suppose, with berries or whatnot...but where's the fun in that?
#4) Burn them black. None of this "golden" trash.

Best of luck. Let me know how it turns out if you go ahead with this. 
I, for one, will never be attempting these again.


High FIVE for the Past Few Weeks!

I've been having MAJOR issues actually getting out a High Five for Friday post posted on Friday. I always forget about it until really late at night, and then there aren't any pictures to go with it, and I just decide to let it go. So here are five of the things that would've been on the past few weeks's posts...

1// After waiting and waiting and waiting - I finally saw Les Miserables! And it was stinking good! No, Hugh Jackman cannot sing, but I don't think that really affected anything at all. It really was great - I laughed, I cried, and I Dreamed a Dream and Do You Hear the People Sing? have been stuck in my head ever since. Speaking of which, watch this mash-up. You're welcome in advance.
(P.S. Who wants to tell me how they get videos to be big in their blog posts?)

2// Makeover secret: Switch the side your part is on! I'm actually pretty sure no one noticed but me, but it makes me feel like I got a whole new look!

3// I got flowers! Not a bouquet, though-a bush. A miniature rose bush, which happens to be my favorite kind. I'm pretty surprised the giver remembered that I have a thing for them. I would have a picture of them...but I kinda managed to kill the bush already. Whoops. 

4// Crossing stuff off my bucket list! I rode in a Shelby Cobra Mustang and had leftover pizza for breakfast.

5// I got all exposed skin painted red the other day...and I've never felt more beautiful. #yolo

So tell me - how have your weeks been?


Because Sometimes, I Think I'm Kinda Classy

earrings: avon (thrifted)//blazer: vintage (thrifted)//dress: vintage (thrifted)
belt: target//shoes: target (thrifted)

Looking classy and being classy are two TOTALLY different things, though. So a more accurate title would be "Because Sometimes, I Think I Look Kinda Classy". 
Being classy...that's taking an insult in stride.
smiling just because I can.
being grateful.
lifting someone up.
letting something go.
having a good attitude.
making sacrifices.
accepting sacrifices.
respecting others.
respecting yourself.
looking outward.
looking inward.

And so this week - I'll be classy.

P.S. By the way, I think this is the new format my Happiness Project is going to take - goals I make weekly based on my current needs/impressions. I'm thinking this will be easier to keep up and stay motivated with. Here goes nothing!

MoMoMod Style Showcase


Dear Boys,

Dear Caught Looking,

You got caught, I probably got caught...so how 'bout we stop sneaking around it?
Except I'm probably not going to be seeing you any time in the near future.
Wasted opportunities...

Oh, well,
Looking Back

Dear 12,

Thoroughly disappointed. Tho.rough.ly.

Not Katniss. Ever. Again.

Dear Deere,

I can't even believe that happened...On the plus side, you're coming home!
How about you just remember how my hair was romantic? And how your dad thinks I'd be worth waiting for?


Dear Baker,

Go away. And learn to take NO for an answer.

No thank you. Not ever.

Dear Attractive Acadorks,

You exist! Hallelujah!

Your admiring fan,
Our Lady in Red

Dear Michelangelo,

You have gorgeous eyes, you play guitar, and you're not a total jerk-wad . You just shot waaay up in my book!


Dear Dough-boi,

I can't even being to tell you how much I am loving this arrangement so far. Here's to a semester of all the best kind of mishaps! I promise not to break the slides if you're careful with the scalpel...


Dear Skater,

You are the reason I make eye contact with attractive strangers. You and your smile.

See you around campus...near the dorms?

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