The One Behind the Blog...

As you already know, I'm Niamh {it's Irish and you say it NEEV}. I started this blog ... well, just because, for the most part. It's another creative outlet for me.

My favorite color is usually blue, but right now I'm reeeally loving orange - the pretty kinds, not the yucky ones. 

I love fresh food - veggies, salsa, fruit, fruit, sprouts!, fruit, bread {I'm talking fresh-baked, so yes, it does fit into this category}, fruit, and, uh, fruit. I've got a thing for fruit. 

Dogs terrify me. I love the idea of dogs - cute, fluffy, loyal, the works - but the reality scares me to death. The real dogs have a tendency to jump on me, and obviously their only goal in doing that is to kill me. Duh.

My passion is learning. No matter what I'm doing, I'm learning - and I love that! If I'm not learning, it's not fun! Yeah, my friends think I'm crazy, too. 

Colored jeans are my absolute favorite trend of, like, ever. Seriously. It's like my thing with fruit. 

Donating hair has become a regular thing for me. I do it every couple of years in memory of my little brother. My hair grows stinking fast, and who needs that much hair?

Running is my sport. I'm kinda awful at pretty much every other sport {that is to say, I've never really tried them}, but runny is easy peasy. You just pick up those legs and go! I'm one of those wierdos who has "run a marathon" on their bucket list. 

I have an immense love for my Savior. I don't love him enough, or I would be a much better person, but I'm working on that every day. His love for me sustains me through everything - and His love is for everyone!

I'm really glad you're here - it means a lot. And I really do hope that after you've hung around here for a while, you'll leave with some extra joy in your pocket. I'm bubbling over, and I'm more than happy to share!

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