It's Me Again!

Because I like talking about myself, and I think I came up with some pretty awesome questions, I'm going to answer the questions I made for the Liebster Award!

#1) If you were given the opportunity to live forever, would you take it?
Absolutely. I've never liked the idea of dying. I know there would be setbacks, and there are reasons that we only live for a certain amount of time, but still. Think of everything you could do!

#2) What is an everyday object that brings back memories?
Obviously there are lots of objects that bring back memories {good and bad} ... but I'm going to say whipped cream. Ever since we were little kids, my cousin and I have had this thing where at every family gathering, we would each have my uncle {his dad} fill our mouths with whipped cream. He would keep adding it until it collapsed on our face - it was a mess! Then we would have to try to swallow it...good times:)

#3) Would you rather be "dazzlingly clever, angelically good, or divinely beautiful?"
I'd like to be angelically good. I'm okay with just being averagely smart, and plain looking, but it'd be so nice to be good. It can be so hard sometimes!

#4) What is the most trouble you ever got in as a kid?
This is a really hard question...I honestly didn't get in huge trouble. But I was constantly getting in little trouble for trying to be the mom and ordering my little siblings around. 


#5) Out of all the classes you've ever taken, which was your favorite?
I've taken a few "Celtic Studies" classes that I loved. They focused on Gaelic language, culture, and music, all of which are gorgeous. 

#6) Who's your celebrity look-alike?
When I was younger, people always told me I looked like Dakota Fanning. I can see the similarity between pictures of me in, like, 2nd grade and her in Charlotte's Web, but I don't have any pictures of me from then to show you. I still get it sometimes now, but I really can't see the resemblance.

#7) You know those jokes that make you laugh every time, regardless of how dumb they are? What's your favorite?
This is what comes of taking two years of Latin...
Guy walks into a bar, says “Gimme a martinus.” 
Bartender says, “You mean martini?” 
Guy says, “If I wanted two, I would have ordered two!”

#8) What's your favorite pick-up line? What's the worst?


#9) Quick! Two truths and a lie!
1. I've only visited two other states
2. I've never tasted coffee
3. I'm deathly allergic to rabbits
{guess which is the lie in the comments! I'll tell next week}


  1. I think the lie is the first one! For #9 :)

  2. oh wait you have never tasted coffee?!?! you have to try it{if you have not;} and I have only been to two states too:) I don't know what to guess!!
    I am going to go with the 3rd.


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