Dear Boys,

Dear Prep,

I like talking to you. I don't mind being distracted!

Ever your rival,

Dear Michelangelo,

You, too. Find an excuse to do that more often.


Dear Duck,

I suppose three words is an improvement on two words...but that's not exactly what I meant. I swear, if it's four words next time - just don't go there.


Dear Tech-y,

Alright. New goal. I'm going to be nice to you (and about you).
Because I really do like you for the most part. I'm just going to have to deal with what I can't stand.

Please make this easy,

Dear Ewok,

You missed me. Don't lie.

Love you too,

Dear Big D and Bubba,

This whole "Bobby Bones Show" thing is really messing me up. He talks too much about everything that I don't care about at all at 5 in the morning. Come back to meeee!!!

Thank you kindly,
A Fan

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