Lesson #3: The "Gray Area", or the Lack Thereof

At the beach - I'm the one in the middle

Here's another tid-bit from my trip to the coast a few weeks ago!

So there's this really great quote.

Our second speaker, Brother Johnson, shared it with us and told us that it had always bugged him - life can't really be just black and white, can it?

Then he told us about an image a young woman had received when pondering the quote:


Picture two rooms: one is white and full of light, and the other is black and entirely without light. There is a door in between the two rooms. When you open it, the light goes from the white room into the dark room, creating a gray area. That gray area is on the dark side.

The second we step into that gray area, we give Satan power over us to drag us in even further. There is no such thing as a sin that's "not so bad" - a sin is a sin, and we cannot afford to dwell in a gray area.

{There goes all the justifications I ever give about something not being "that bad"....}

I'm definitely going to be working harder to stay on the Lord's side, keeping His commandments with as much exactness as I can!

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