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{Dear Ann,
You're not allowed to read this post. Since you can't link up, I'm linking up for you, and your card still has to be a surprise for when you get home! I want to keep you in suspense:) And you already know how much I love your card, so you don't need to read this anyway. So you can just exit out now....}

I was paired up with Ann at Hi, from Ann. This is the super-cute card that Ann made for me! I've really loved getting to know her through emails and comments on each other's blogs. And getting this in the mail completely made my day and put a smile on my face!


Ann is having fun taking a three-week course away from home...which means she's not going to get to see my card for another two weeks! It did arrive safely at her house, though, which is good. So since she can't post about it, I'm going to share it in her place - just as proof that I wasn't a lame partner who didn't send out a card {although I was a lame partner who put off making the card until the day before it had to be sent out...}!

Overall, this was a great experience. I always love getting mail {who doesn't?}, and I loved making the card for Ann. I'm definitely going to be participating in things like this more often!
Check out everyone else's experiences here!

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  1. Making cards is so much fun! Yours turned out great! That would definitely be fun to receive in the mail!


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