Me, Myself & I ... numero trois

Another round of Me, Myself & I has come around! This is so my favorite time of the month...who doesn't love talking about themselves? I love reading what other people have to say about themselves!

#1) What is your favorite season? Explain.
Fall! Fallfallfallfallfall ohmigooseness, fall! Even though it's the shortest season of the year in these parts {and actually, we're going back to summer weather this week! Argh!}, I love every second! The colors are amazing, and the food is to die for (pumpkin and cinnamon and caramel flavored everything!), and getting dressed becomes 5 gajillion times easier and more fun....I love fall!

#2) Talk about a moment that changed your life?
A moment that happened recently was meeting Elder Golden, an LDS General Authority. He seriously lit up the room with is spirit...and I decided that I wanted to be that person.

#3) If you could be any Crayola crayon color, what would you be and why?
I can't decide between robin's egg blue and magic mint....they're the happiest shades of some of my favorite colors!

thank you Jenna for sharing this link!!!
#4) Describe yourself as a superhero: Superpower? Name? Sidekick?
Apparently, I'd be The Merciful One-Eyed Pirate - which is fine by me. That's definitely a cooler name than I would have come up with! My superpower would be telepathy/reading minds. Being able to run way super fast would be amazing, too. And my sidekick would be a certain super tall blonde chick who ditched me to be in Utah this week....

#5) If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at three stores, where would you shop?
Anthropologie, Target, and J. Crew!


P.S. I'm also guest posting on Jen's blog today - check it out here and give her some bloggy love!

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  1. I love fall!! :) Hot chocolate, football, cooler weather clothes, football, family time (Thanksgiving!!) and the colors (even though in TX we don't get the colors...boo). Stopping by from the link up! :)


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