For anyone who hasn't heard of this whole Blog Angels shindig, here's a quick explanation:
We are assigned a blog to be an angel to, and we help them out any way we can for the month. Bottom line, it's a ton of bloggy love going all over the place. It's been anonymous thus far...but now we all get to figure out who had whom!

My blog angel (or would it be blog angel-ee?) is.....

{drum-roll, please}

Christine at Pink Hugs and Blessings!

I did what I could for her - I commented on her last post and stuck her button on my blog.

And wait - just because I'm the luckiest blogger in the world, I have another one!

Starr at The Kiefer Cottage!

I actually just got reassigned to her yesterday, so I haven't gotten to do much yet. I commented on her most recent post and then took the liberty of blog-stalking her and reading, like, every post she's ever written...
This girl is hilarious, and she has the cutest family!

I'm excited to keep doing what I can for the rest of the month! And now that it's all out in the open, we can be official bloggy friends!

{see the rest of the reveals here}

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