Whaddaya Know...She's Still Alive

I don't even know how long it's been since I last blogged...it probably hasn't actually been that long, but this past week has felt like a month in and of itself, so it feels like forever! School is thoroughly yucky. What do you say about me dropping out to become a full-time blogger?
Oh. You think that sounds dumb? And a waste of time and money? ... Right. Me too. Duh.


It's over...can you believe it? I can't. 

The first blogger I was assigned to disappeared off the face of the earth, so the day before the reveal, I was reassigned to Starr at The Kiefer Cottage.

To be perfectly honest....I could have done much, much better. Poor Starr was orphaned by her first angel and then reassigned to me...who dropped off the face of blog-land for a while shortly after the reveal due to life gone insane. I've been commenting as often as I've been able. She requested help with guest posts and collaborations, so I emailed her about some opportunities I knew about {since this here bloggy is pretty small and guest posting here wouldn't do much to increase her blog traffic}. Starr remains one of the funniest bloggers I know, with an adorable family. I'll definitely be keeping in touch with her, and helping more if I can!

My bloggy mentor has been amazing, making herself 100% available to help me with anything I need. We had the pretty cool coincidence of having me win a giveaway of hers, and I'm going to be guest posting on her blog soon. Brittany has pretty much been the epitome of an ideal blog angel - thank you Brittany!!!

See everyone else's experiences here.

Coming up in December is the ULTIMATE Blog Angels experience - if you didn't sign up this time around, I would definitely recommend joining in December. It really is an amazing experience!

I should be back in business this week. I've definitely got a lot to write about!


  1. Ha, don't worry about it too much. Thank you for your kind words about me. Every now and then it's nice to hear somebody likes what I write!

  2. I consider myself to be a ... blogging dummy. But you seem to know what you're doing! You blog full time instead of a regular job? HOW does that work??


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