OCTOBER: {vitality}

Here are my goals for OCTOBER! The theme is vitality.

So far, I'm doing well with most of the goals, and okay-ish with the others. The hardest ones are acting energetic and monitoring my computer time. I'm always really tired, so acting energetic is quite a challenge. I did fine earlier on in the week, but it went downhill from there, as I got less and less sleep. And monitoring my computer time....um, yeah. Exhibit A: Last night I found "Pretty Darn Funny" and I just had to watch every episode. Yes, I did have other things that I needed to be doing.

I'm loving the challenge, though! 
It's only going to get better every week!

P.S. I submitted a form for Shane's Operation Beautiful a while ago, and it's up this week! If you haven't put in a form, I highly recommend it! You can see mine here.


  1. I love Pretty Darn Funny. It's so good!

  2. I found your blog from Covered in Grace. I love the name and idea behind your blog. I look forward to following along and getting to know you better.


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