High Five for Friday

This week has been a blur. A very long blur. Which is a contradiction...but that's just the type of week it's been.


#1) My nails make me want mint-colored clothing! {P.S....those aren't my nails. I didn't get to take a picture of mine. My nails don't look nearly that good, anyway.}
#2) BOOOOOOTS!!!!! DO you remember those boots that I was supposed to get, like, two weeks ago? Well, I didn't get them. But I just got this pair last night and they are AMAZING! Excuse me if I end up wearing them in every single outfit post I do from here on out...
#3) My card from Ann arrived! I'll be posting and linking up for Project Inspire hopefully today, but possibly tomorrow. It'll get done!
#4) Babysitting for the cutest baby ever on Wednesday - he looked like a baby doll, and he was an angel! 
#5) I'm going to a "harvest dance" tonight...whatever that entails. Lots of cowboy boots, I imagine. It sounds fun! 

Happy Friday, y'all!

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