Because I Looked Amazing....Part 1 of My Thrifting Haul

dress: vintage, thrifted
belt: vintage, thrifted
shoes: target, thrifted
I was thrifting with my mom yesterday, and while I was looking at sweaters, she came over with this dress and said "It's so 70's! You have to try it on!" So I did, just as a joke...but then I loved it. It fits me perfectly, and it is actually really cute! The tie around the neck is my favorite. And I love the belt we found to go with it - the asymmetrical buckle is pretty awesome.
While we were in line buying everything {yes, there is much more to share!}, a lady saw the dress and she was like, "I'm not going to lie...I am so jealous right now!" And you know what's really cool about the dress? It was made locally! The label has the name of this old dress shop in town from the 70's. You know what else is really cool? The gold on the dress is, like, the exact same shade as my hair.

And now, shifting gears to progress on the happiest year of my life:
This past week has been really great {despite the fact that my sidekick has been MIA}! I'm not sure if the greatness of the week has made it easy to keep my goals, or if keeping my goals has made the week great...either way, I did much better than last week!
My most impressive accomplishment has been  monitoring my computer time. There's still a lot of room for improvement, but there were actually multiple times when I sat down at the computer and did homework without opening my email or blogger. Craaazy!

a year of happiness
the october goals
{week 1 went undocumented}
week 2

Hope everybody had an amazing Sunday!


  1. You look gorgeous!! And that dress is wonderful :-) :-) I hope you have a great Monday - Xo
    -Meg :-)

  2. Love the dress!!! so jealous;P

  3. Awesome dress! You look lovely. It's always so much fun when you find something that great thrifting!



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