Another Week of Happiness


Guys, I think I'm just a little bit pathetic. 

I only just finished Week 2 of the happiest year of my life, and every single day this week, at least once, I've wanted to cancel it so that I can just go off and mope. Fortunately, I didn't cancel it, so I don't have to feel quite so lame, but this was definitely not my finest week. 

Let's go over the goals one by one, shall we?

kneel for prayers, morning and night - This is the one goal I was pretty good about...besides those couple of nights that I wimped out and half-said my prayers while laying down in bed.
+ daily yoga stretching - I'm officially modifying this goal. Stretching has almost the same invigorating effect as yoga. It's really not realistic for me to get yoga in every day. That having been said, I didn't actually stretch daily, either. At all. Soooo...I'll work on that next week.
+ New Testament reading in the morning - I did do the reading every day, but it didn't always happen in the morning. 
+ Book of Mormon reading before starting my homework - This just didn't happen at all some days. Whenever I didn't do the New Testament reading in the morning, it got pushed to before doing my homework. Fail.
+ 15 minutes of piano practice daily - This was an absolute joke. But just so I don't feel like a complete failure on this, I'm going to count the organ practice I did on Wednesday as piano practice. And since that was for an hour, and an hour fits 4 15-minute practice sessions, it's like I practiced piano four times!
As nice as that reasoning was...it doesn't really count. So I'll do better this week. Hopefully.
+ monitor computer time - I was...okay with that. Just okay.
+ tidy up before bed every night - Just okay with this, too. That's how you know this was an off week - I'm usually totally OCD about the cleanliness of my room. 
+ run - Another joke.
+ ACT energetic - Aaaaand...yet another joke. I've been getting way too few hours of sleep to even fake it. 

That was yucky. But, to be fair, I didn't really put an insane amount of effort into this week. Or really any effort at all. 
Hopefully this coming week is, like, a gajillion times better!

Here's to an awesome week to come-

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  1. It's okay to struggle meeting your goals...I set some for myself this week and didn't meet hardly any of them. As long as we persevere and try harder next week, we can still accomplish them! :)


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