It's Friday, Friday!

#1) Today is my last race of the season...it's definitely bittersweet.

#2) I won another giveaway - my luck is finally kicking in! This one's from Hope Squared, and I'm pretty ecstatic about it!!!!

#3) I'm really excited for Project Inspire {a card swap I signed up for through Hollie Takes Notes}. I finally sent my card out on Monday {which was the last possible day...I've known about this for, like, a month. I'm such a procrastinator}, and I can't wait for Ann to get it! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my card, too.

#4) I'm no longer make-up-less! {check out my guest post on Jen's blog for more about that} A quick trip to the drug store was all it took...

#5) Ditching school, hanging out at a bar...and seeing HUNTER HAYES! More about this later - for now, just know that it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm linking up with Lauren today!
Who else has had an amazing week???


  1. yeah for winning a giveaway!! have a great weekend!!

  2. Good luck in your race today!! Ans ummm good call on ditching class lol!

  3. Happy Friday :)


  4. So glad you were the winner of the giveaway. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better. :)


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