My Pants Are Falling Down!

...and that's how it's been all day. Remember these pants? These amazing, lovely, wonderful pants? Well, when I bought them, I had this brilliant idea of buying them a size bigger, because I had that drilled into me growing up: you always buy everything a little bigger than you need it so that you have room to grow! The problem with that now is, I'm done growing. There was no point in buying them one size up, unless I was planning on growing horizontally. Which I'm not, really. So now I'm stuck with too-big pants. Fabulous too-big pants, but too-big pants nonetheless. But I'm willing to suffer through it! They are the most amazing color, after all. And I can only wear them so many more times before they have to be retired for the winter. I'll deal.


On an entirely unrelated note,
Am I totally vain if I get a kick out of reading my own blog?
{Actually, don't answer that}
I think I'm pretty fascinating. I just spent an abnormal amount of time reading my own posts. They're waaay more interesting when you know exactly what was going through my mind when I was writing them.

In celebration of Finding the JOYS in My JOURNEY's 6-month bloggiversary, here are some of my favorite posts:

April - my very first post...not really my favorite, but the awkwardness of it makes me laugh
May - my Mission: Put Together wrap-up post
June - my absolute favorite song and my first {and last} trip to GAP
July - a way-legit tutorial and "Dear Boys" (my first, I think!)
August - the evolution of my relationship with August: hate - try to love - love!
September - two truths & a lie and some life changing

Aaaaand so I don't come off as too self-centered, I'm participating in Melissa's Blog Scavenger Hunt!

WILD- Christine @ Pink Hugs & Blessings
POST- Kim's post on being a "Martha"
PICTURE- Erica's "sassy face"
RECIPE- I'm gonna be honest...I haven't actually tried this yet, but come on! How does it get any better than Stuffed Pecan Rolls?? (from Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella)
CRAFT/FASHION- loving everything from this post by Kilee @ ONE little MOMMA
BLOGGER- me and Jessica...I would so want to be her BFF! I don't know how anyone could ever not be super-happy around her!
POST- this one by Elise
PICTURE- this outfit post from Anne - she has the sweetest smile! And that last picture is great...
POST- this post (and pretty much every other one) from Autumn
BLOGGER- Elise @ Elise's Pieces -  I swear, she always posts exactly what I need to read, exactly when I need to read it!

I love me some bloggers!

Covered in Grace


  1. Don't feel too bad I sometimes go back and read some of my blog posts! And a bloggy scavenger hunt how cute and what a great idea! <3

  2. My Mom always made me buy clothes a size bigger for growing room. Then I stopped growing at 12 and after that, I simply never grew into the clothes she'd bought for me. I still have trouble buying clothes in the right size. Most of my jeans are too big because I always think...I don't want to get them too tight, and maybe they'll shrink. But the fact is that jeans always stretch out after you wear them once!
    I love reading my own posts, too! I find myself pretty hilarious. :P


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