So I Walk into a Bar...

A few Thursdays ago was a day of many firsts:
my first time ditching school,
my first time being in a bar,
and my first concert!

Hunter Hayes was doing a free concert with a local country radio station at the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill&Bar that's right a cross the street from school...so obviously I was going to go! Forget class, this was a once-in-a-lifetime type of opportunity!

Look at him-isn't he adorable? {even in spite of the awful pictures}
And he was seriously flawless live - that's talent, people.

And we totally made eye contact! He was giving a cue to his guitarist, and when he looked up I was just standing over there smiling like

and I'm sure he looked away thinking I was the most attractive thing he'd seen all day.

I try.

P.S. I'm grateful for
+ WiFi
+ alarm clocks {and actually getting up when they tell me to}
+ cooler weather for running! {hopefully this time the weather stays...}

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