Halloween ... a Few Days Late

Halloween didn't feel much like Halloween this year. I went to our Church "Trunk-or-Treat" party, but when I wasn't running a face painting table for the kids, I was studying. It felt much more like Halloween when I went to another party the Saturday before, though, so I wasn't entirely cheated out of my Halloween fun!

My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up, hands down. I couldn't care less if I get any candy, or decorate the house, just as long as I get to dress up. This year, I was Rosie the Riveter!

See the resemblance?

headscarf: scrap fabric, joann's
shirt: thrifted
skinnies: thrifted
pin: printed off and duct taped to a "stop bullying" pin
 There were very few people who actually knew who I was. The two most common guesses were just your average 40's girl {they got the era right} and Taylor Swift {I thought that was kind of strange}. Every time I told someone who I was, I'd have to do the pose, or they still didn't get it. But they thought I was cute, and that's all that matters, right? :D

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some take-outs {that I obviously didn't really "take out", because I'm showing them now}:

me: "Wait! Stop! I forgot my lipstick!"

My uber-attractive kissy face...kissing people with
messy red lipstick was quite possibly my favorite
part of this costume
How was your Halloween? What did you dress up as?

P.S. I'm grateful for
+ random sweet e-mails
+ cars that I get to drive
+ writing letters to people I love


  1. very smart!! Love the red lips, perfection:)

  2. I love the Rosie the Riveter costume! Super cute!! <3

  3. It's funny how some costumes are hard to pull off. The Taylor Swift confusion is pretty funny and definitely a wonderful compliment wouldn't you say? I'm not sure if you like her or are into her music but I think she is gorgeous! Maybe that could be your outfit next year! Find a big poofy prom dress on clearance and crimp your hair like nobody's business!! Oh, and carry around a guitar. lol

  4. Oh! And thank you for the wonderful comment to my blog! It brought tears to my eyes and lifted my spirits so much this morning. :)

  5. Love love love it! You put it off well girl :)



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