Because I Looked Amazing: Thrifting Haul Part 2

I love Salvation Army. I know I've mentioned that before, but it's worth saying again. Last weekend, I got to check items off of my Fall Wears Wish-list, and get everything {well, almost} that I needed for my Halloween costume. Going through the nastiness is entirely worth it - especially when I come home with a haul like this!

blazer: vintage, thrifted
scarf: h&m, thrifted
shirt: hand-me-down
skinnies: hand-me-down
This blazer made me so happy...after I cut out the shoulder pads, that is. And I'm loving the scarf!

top: old...from some hole-in-the-wall store
skirt: vintage, thrifted
tights: hand-me-down
shoes: target, thrifted
necklace&earrings: gift
My friend called this the "sexy librarian" look. This picture makes it look more like the slightly-pregnant librarian look...I didn't even realize I was holding my stomach. Really, though,
"sexy" is a weird word that I'm not sure I like being used in a sentence that's describing me, so "slightly-pregnant" it is! Pregnant people are adorable, anyway.

shirt: target
belt: vintage, thrifted
skirt: wet seal, thrifted

Notice this snazzy pattern-mixing here? Lurve! And even better, the skirt is textured...yes, I did rub the dots all day. You would have, too.

P.S. I'm grateful for
+ safety on the road
+ freedom to vote
+ tolerance and understanding of different views


  1. You are so so cute!! :-) I love all these outfits! Xo

  2. Okay so you need to take me with you next time! I never have such luck but am always trying! Any tips?

  3. I love all of your thrifted finds! I am all about thrift stores on my blog too! Following now :)



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