fRiDaY - high fivin' it

#1) Starbucks' White Hot Chocolate is reeeeally good. 'Nuff said.
{thank you for suggesting it, Haunani!}

#2) My race yesterday went really well! I know I said the last race was my last this season, but this one snuck up on me. I wasn't supposed to qualify for it, but one of the qualifiers couldn't go, so I got bumped up a spot. And I'm glad I did - I ended up getting my best time of the season. Today's soreness is 100% worth it!

#3) Listening to and singing along with my Gaelic playlist...

#4) I went to a gun safety course Wednesday night - I'm getting ready to go shooting the Saturday after Thanksgiving!

#5) One Direction's new album this week ... don't lie. You were way excited, too.

How have your weeks been? Anyone else crazy-excited for Thanksgiving next week???

P.S. I'm grateful for
+ the fact that it's Friday
+ that means I have a whole ... uh, one day to 
catch up on all my school work!
+ music that speaks to the soul {MoTab, anyone?}


  1. Found your blog from The Sapphire Bee

  2. Hi, I love reading your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my page for details :)


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