NOVEMBER: {attitude}

These were my goals for last month...do we really need to talk about how miserable I was at keeping them? And how many times I was ready to quit my year of happiness less than a month into it? Yeah, I was kind of pathetic. But that's the point of this year - improvement! And I wouldn't need to improve if I wasn't pathetic at some point...

This month has been a bit of an eye-opener. For the first time in my life, I've been able to recognize myself going through the pride cycle. 


I should have gone and stopped it as soon as I realized I was in it...but...yeah. Bad month on my part. It was interesting, though! I don't usually see myself that clearly {which may be a good thing...}. 
I've definitely been letting school get in the way of my relationship with God. I rationalize that putting off reading my scriptures and working on the Personal Progress goals I had for last month {none of which got done, by the way} gives me more time to get my work done, but really, without doing those things, I'm not able to be as productive anyway. It's a lose-lose situation. I've been extremely self-centered, too - I'm tired and cranky so I couldn't care less about how I can help anyone else. 

This was a good start to my happiness project. No, I'm actually not being sarcastic. Being able to see more of my weak points has humbled me a bit, and I think it's prepared me more for a full year of self-improvement.

Now, for this month's goals! November's theme is attitude.

 What's going to be hard this month? Um...everything. Well, the new goals, anyway. No, I was right before, everything. Be positive - this will be a hard habit to acquire. I can usually at least fake positivity, but not so much this last month. No complaining - I do an awful lot of that. Does it help anyone? No. It just makes things worse. Refrain from criticizing - last month, I discovered something about myself. It was quite the epiphany. When I know I'm not living my life quite how I should be, I get really annoyed with myself {eventually I get motivated to change, but for a while I'm just annoyed and unpleasant}. I already knew that, but last month I discovered that I cope with that by letting every little thing that everyone else does bug me. It's like, if I can focus on what they're doing wrong, I don't have to think about what I'm doing wrong. Except for the fact that as I'm doing it, I know it's wrong, and it only makes me more frustrated with myself...which gets me more frustrated with everyone else...and so on. Refraining from criticizing first myself and then others will give me an infinitely better attitude. Gratitude journal - I have one that I keep on the shelf by my scriptures, but I haven't used it in forever. I'll be using it again, daily, and I'll close every blog post with a few things I'm grateful for {how fitting...this month is Thanksgiving, isn't it? I haven't quite processed the fact that it's November yet}.

I'm hoping I pull off this month better than the last - and have some fun while I'm at it! What are you all looking forward to about this month?

Covered in Grace


  1. Good for you for having monthly goals! I won't do that to myself. lol I make a daily - or a weekly goal (as in totally singular.) Today I will be happy if I work out, OR edit my weekly video OR get the office/play room/pres-school room cleaned up. If I get just ONE of those things done TODAY I will feel like an accomplished woman! lol

    I used to try to ritually read my Bible every day. My days are just too... weird I guess. I figure, if I get at least some of my Bible study done then woo-hoo for me!

    Keep us updated and always persevere! :)

  2. These are awesome goals! I make goals all the time for myself but unless I write them down, they don't always go so well! I have recently started straightening up before bed, and it makes HUGE difference. I am convinced that I sleep better, and things are so much smoother in the mornings! Small steps!


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