Why, Starbucks? Why?

Why must you include coffee in so many of your drinks? I know you're a coffeehouse, but still. And why, why, WHY is there COFFEE {or espresso, or mocha, or whatever - something that contains more caffeine than I ever wanted to consume} in your hot chocolate? 
And in your salted caramel hot chocolate? 
AND in your peppermint hot chocolate? 

You could've at least warned me about that before I discovered that I liked them. And don't even try to tell me that I should have assumed they were safe. Who puts that much caffeine {90 mg, which is nothing compared to straight coffee, but it's still more than I want!} in a generally Niamh-friendly beverage? 
But I know better now! Never again will I trust a drink unless I've thoroughly researched it! 

The plus side of this is that I did go and thoroughly research every other not-obviously-caffeinated drink at Starbucks, and I now have a Mormon-friendly Starbucks Bucket List!

{there were a couple more that I could have included in this list, but they sounded yucky to me. I'm pretty sure one involved coconut...blech}

If Starbucks has still somehow managed to slip caffeine into these drinks undetected, 
someone please let me know before I try them!
Also, someone told me that if you have them add a creme base to pretty much anything, that makes it caffeine-free. True or False?
P.S. I'm grateful for
+ a three-day weekend! Thank gooseness!
+ when Blogger behaves
+ this amazing cold weather! I've been piling on the 
blankets these past few nights...and days :)

Covered in Grace


  1. I love Starbucks but I think they are too focused on coffee. You can check out Coffee Bean. I am so shocked that they slip coffee on their hot chocolate! Wow. How did you know?? :0

    BTW, my giveaway is still open! You can visit my blog here

  2. They put coffee in their hot chocolate? Didn't know that one.

    However, I'm bit a of caffeine FAN. As soon as this baby making and milk-producing business is over I'm headed back to my regular happy morning habit! Haha

  3. Oh darn...I had no idea they snuck coffee into so much. I did notice after developing quite a love/addiction for Chai Tea that it has about 3 times more caffeine in it than Diet Dr. Pepper. Who knew that something that tastes like cinnamon heaven could be just another form of Liquid Satan! :)
    Darn that Starbucks!

  4. all of these beverages look super tasty! making me want to make one of these. :)

  5. I am just now discovering Starbucks myself... I'm actually trying to acquire a taste for coffee. Haha.
    Thanks for linking up girl!!

    P.S. Thanks for rocing the Year in Review button.Woo!!


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