Flashback Tuesday

I have mixed feelings about this flashback....it does make me laugh, but only once I'm done being nauseous.

Once upon a time, the summer of my freshman year of high school, I think, I went to a youth retreat for church. On the last day, the leaders created a "Fear Factor" experience for us, with the overall message of Joshua 1:9, "Be strong and of a good courage". One of the challenges involved drinking a smoothie that was made of a chili cheese dog, potato chips, oreos, and orange soda. Yes, it was just as disgusting as you think it was. Whichever team finished the most cups of the smoothie won. I ended up being the only person on my team to actually finish a cup. Darn competitive streak. I swear, I will never forget how that smoothie tasted. 

This was me after the competition. I was not a happy camper - but I laughed through the nausea! And my team thought I was awesome:)


  1. yuk, that is disgusting! good for you!!!

  2. You are one fearless gal! I can just feel how disgusted you are. Kudos to you for winning! :)


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