"Hey, Wanna Save a Life?"

That's the text Kayla Jo sent out to recruit people for the  DKMS bone marrow drive we were volunteers at.

We helped register hundreds of bone marrow donors - amazing, selfless people who were willing to sacrifice  to help patients who they've never met. At the drive, after they registered, the swabbed their cheeks. These swabs will be tested to see if any of them are matches for current leukemia/blood cancer patients. If they are, their marrow will be used in a bone marrow transplant for that patient. They could save a life. I have crazy huge respect for these individuals. They taught me a lot about sacrifice - especially the man who, as he was filling out his application, said, "I'm kinda of scared that I'll actually be a match and get to save a life, but you gotta do what you gotta do to help."

So a huge thank you to anyone out there who is registered as a bone marrow donor! Even if you never end up being a match for a patient, your willingness is amazing and touching.

If you're not registered, and you'd like to be, head on over to getswabbed.org.

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