High Five for Friday!

Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk today with a High Five for Friday post!

After a week spent enjoying nature {which, by default, includes being dirty}, it was nice to be home again - clean and well rested.

#1) Fresh fruit all. the. time. is most definitely my favorite part of summer. Berries on English muffins...on pancakes...on yogurt...on everything!

#2) This is actually from last week, but whatever! During my week in the woods, I got to go hiking. This was my biggest hike yet, in terms of intensity, not distance. See that itty-bitty pinkish speck on top {hint: it's the one that has an arrow-ish-thing pointing at it}? That's me!

 cut off and ugly ruffly thing along
the bottom and cut out the built-in bra

cut off the sleeves and took in the sides

#3) & #4) I love that blogging...or, rather, that reading other people's blogs...has taught me that just because an item of clothing doesn't fit me right, that doesn't mean it's a goner! Yesterday I took scissors to a couple of shirts that I kind of hated, and now they're wearable! Of course I didn't take "before" pictures, so you just have to imagine your own. They were bad, if that helps.

via, re-sized by me
#5) Soooooo, obviously I'm having issues settling on a blog design. This is, what, my third one since starting this blog in April? It's so hard! I'm torn between the shabby chic that I love and is very much me and the clean, modern style that I lovelovelove on other blogs. I've just got to find a way to marry them. The problem is, I may never settle. This may end up being like my room, which I redecorate every couple of months.

So now I have a serious question: As a reader, is it bothersome for the design of a blog to be constantly changing? It doesn't bother me, but what do you guys think?

Here's to a fabulous weekend!

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