Dear Boys,

Dear Guy at JCPenney's,

I didn't mean to stare. It's just, I have this huge thing for red-heads, and you fit the bill quite nicely. But you were looking, too, so why am I apologizing?

The Girl at JCPenney's

Dear Duck,

Come on - a girlfriend? Really? Not cool. We totally had something last month.
But I'm over you. Just in case you were wondering.
But if you decided you didn't actually like your girlfriend, I might decide to be un-over it.

Let me know...

Dear Runner,

I'm not a stalker! I told you, I met your sister a couple of weeks ago, which is why I already knew everything that you told me about your family and your running. Why I didn't just keep that fact to myself, I don't know. But still...please don't think I'm crazy. You were kinda nice....


Dear D,

Please work on being less awkward.

Thank you much,

My dearest Spaniard,

Love me? Please?

La Senorita

Dear Colors,

I'm really not an idiot. Just because I introduced myself to you twice means nothing. It's not like you were helping the conversation along at all.

That Dumb Blonde

Dear Zach-attack,

I was really excited when you actually remembered my name.
Then you ruined it by telling me that you were pretty sure the only reason you had been able to was because you had been practicing remembering things while drunk, so remembering things while sober was a breeze.
Great going.

See ya...not,

Dear Elise-who-is-most-definitely-not-a-boy,

Best. Idea. Ever.

Lovin' dem boys,

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  1. Loving this. What a cute idea!

    Coming to you from the Covered in Grace 2012 Year in Review Linkup! Thanks for linking up!


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