High 5 for Friday... {YUM} Edition!

This time around, it's all about food. There's been so much of it this week, and it's all been so good!

#1) I woke up early the other day to make...chocolate chip pancakes! A girl's got to indulge every once in a while!

#2) Cheap kiwis make me happy - cause then we get tons! How do you eat your kiwis? I eat them with a spoon, like you would eat a cantaloupe. Is that weird?

#3) SALSA! Wimpy not-so-spicy-cause-I-can't-handle-that salsa, but still salsa. 

#4) Fresh pasta salad - the only thing that could have made it better would have been tomatoes. Too bad the tommy-toes in the garden are still puny...they're getting there!

#5) Strawberries....yum. I'll put whatever fruit we have on an English muffin!

It's all so stinkin' GOOD!

P.S. Is this not the cutest ipad case EVER?

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