Treasure Hunting

This morning, I went to a pretty amazing used bookstore. I lovelovelove used bookstores, and used books in general. As long as they're not falling apart, I'll take a used book over a new one any day. It's a special treat for me if I buy a used book and find that it was annotated by the previous owner. I like knowing what they thought or found important. It's kind of like making a new friend, without having to actually do anything out of my comfort zone!

Today I picked up 5 books:
Hard Times and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
The Collected Sonnets of Edna St. Vincent Millay
Emily's Quest by L.M. Montgomery {the third in a trilogy that I haven't actually read, but come on-it's L.M. Montgomery!}
A Double Life by Louisa May Alcott {apparently she wrote thrillers before Little Women}

An amazing Thursday to you all!

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