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Somehow, I forgot to mention that I was going to Disneyland. Which is strange, considering that I've been absolutely ecstatic about it for quite a while - but anyway, I went to Disneyland! We drove down Monday, spent all of Tuesday (from opening to closing) in the park, and came back Wednesday.

I love Disneyland. I was skipping down Main Street wide-eyed as if I'd never been there before - definitely more excited than any of the kids.

I'm not going to document the whole trip - but there's one thing I have to mention. When we were waiting in line for Indiana Jones, the ride was having technical difficulties. So we had all been stuck there for quite a while, and I'm sure a lot of people were getting impatient. A guy was exiting the ride, and when he walked by the line of people waiting, he pulled out one of those bubble-blowing machines they sell at the gift shops and sprayed a bunch of bubbles into the crowd.

And basically, that's the type of guy I want to marry.

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