Finding Strength

Next week, I get to team teach a lesson to a bunch of kids ages 14-17 on "Faith in Challenging Times". We decided that the most important points we wanted the kids to get out of this topic were
1 // The gospel is the key to getting through anything,
2 // You have the gospel, therefore you CAN get through anything, and
3 // We can learn and be strengthened through our trials.

We were given the opportunity to experience mortality so that we could be tested - and often, that testing comes through trials. Everything we go through is meant to strengthen us, so that we can become more like our Heavenly Father. Leaning on Him and accepting His help is the only way we can get through our trials. The most important aspect of the trials is that we learn from them. If we can't do that, they're kind of wasted. 

I know that I need to work on developing the humility necessary to rely on God's help, and to learn whatever it is I'm meant to learn from the challenges in my life. That's the only way I'll get where I need to be. It's the only way I'll become the imperfectly perfect me I want to become.

Happy Monday, and here's to the amazing week ahead of us!

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