Helloooooo, Friday

It's about time you got here.
Once again, I've missed a few Fridays...so this covers more than just this past week.

1// I took a trip to the snow! I love the snow.

No, really, I do!

2// I saw Beautiful Creatures. And now, for a movie review.
If you've read the book, don't see it. That can only lead to disappointment {as is usually the case}. If you haven't read the book...go read it. It's good, and then you don't have to see the movie.
I just saved you twelve bucks - you're welcome. Go splurge on frozen yogurt.

3// I spent a day in Berkeley...and I didn't see a single angry protester, and I wasn't approached by any crazies. Major disappointment.

4//Last Friday through Monday were spent in bed with the plague. The only thing better than staying in bed wearing sweatpants all day when you're sick...is doing the same thing when you're healthy. Too bad that never happens.

5// I just got home from Time Out for Women!!!!
And John Bytheway was there!!!

More about TOFW tomorrow...
Have a fabulous weekend, everybody!

P.S. This video...I die.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for saving me $12 on the movie. Now I just need to read the book. I love you! You're the best!

    I'm glad you like the snow, you can have it. I think you should look into schools in Utah. There's lots of snow there. :) Also my nephew is there. :)


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