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I didn't have time to read any blogs this past week. Pretty much all I've done is check my emails. I've been rather confused by the sudden influx of emails notifying me of new Bloglovin' followers. 

And now that I'm caught up on blog reading, it all makes sense.
As you all probably already know, GFC/Google Reader/whatever is closing on July 1, 2013. 
Meh. I liked GFC. I've never been a fan of having blog posts delivered to my inbox with Bloglovin'...but I'll do it, just for all of you!

via, edited by me
You can follow me on Bloglovin' HERE.
And just in case you're interested...
Pinterest HERE.
{that's the end of my social-media-ing}

Aaaaaaand HERE is a super easy tutorial from Northern Belle Diaries on importing your GFC list to Bloglovin. So get to it - and have a great week!

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