My Name is Niamh and I Take Awkward Outfit Pictures.

And as a result...the face gets cropped out.
But not the soccer ball.
everything: thrifted 

I was ready to give up on pictures altogether, but I'm way too proud of this jacket not to have a post dedicated to it. It's the product of yet another fabulous thrifting trip. A brand-spanking-new $80 Vera Wang leather moto jacket for $6 ...that doesn't happen every day. So when it does, it must be documented, regardless of how awkward the pictures are.

I am truly, deeply in love with thrifting. 
And I'm broke again.

1 comment:

  1. AWESOME!!! You may be broke, but you are satisfied. That makes it all better. Good job on the jacket, by the way. It's cute.


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