My Thoughts on Tutorials

I've always (as in, since I started this blog last April) thought it would be really cool to be one of those super-crafty bloggers with loads of amazing tutorials and recipes that everyone loves. 

Then I made a tutorial and realized how strange it would be for me to become that person.

Let me explain my relationship with tutorials:

Using them: I really only look at the pictures in tutorials. If there are no pictures (or fill-in-the-blank templates when it's dealing with HTML stuff for blogging) it's a no-go. Call it laziness, but that's just how it is.  I go about the project, whatever it is, based on the pictures and a quick scan of the page.
Good: This approach let's me be uber-creative with it. Bad: "Uber-creative" doesn't always turn out so well if I'm supposed to be following specific instructions.
With recipes...I'm just super-talented and I manage to get something wrong regardless of how closely I follow the directions. But then I just add extra flour and everything fixes itself.

Making them: I only give the bare bones details, according to how I went through it. Which was probably the easiest way possible. I'm also prone to use "thingamajig" or "whatchamacallit" in my description.

The verdict: tutorials aren't very me. I'm really glad I've found my place as a "lifestyle" rather than "crafty" blogger - better for you and me both!

What kind of blogger did you start off thinking you would be? Has that changed over time?

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