ME, MYSELF & I ... numero deux

1) When you're feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?
I clean. If I feel stressed or down in the dumps, the first thing I do is make, or remake, my bed, then I move on to the rest of my room. Once I refolded everything in the linen closet. It's kind of symbolic...cleaning up my space cleans out my mind.
A good book always helps, too. I usually turn to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

2)  If you had to live in a different time period which would you prefer?
The 40s! To be honest, I don't know much about that decade, but seeing pictures from then make me love it! I know I love the style, the music, the dancing...it's like a dream!

3)  What is the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?
One year, I was my dad for Halloween. I dressed up in his work uniform. Really, I haven't been too creative in the past. But his year, I have plans to be Rosie the Riveter!
{NOTE: I swear I hadn't read Shane's post before I wrote that! It's just a crazy coincidence!}

4)  Five weird things about you we wouldn't know without being told?
Let's see...
1. I am afraid of dogs. Like, deathly afraid. It's pretty ridiculous, actually.
2. The smell of citrus cleaner makes me nauseous. I can't even walk in the bathrooms at my Target anymore!
3.  I've been a Polynesian dancer
4. I'm painfully shy...until you get to know me. Then you wonder who that girl you first met was.
5. Every time I drink soda, I have insane burping fits. I guess my body can't handle carbonation. It's kind of embarrassing:)

5)  What would you tell your 16-year-old self?
Heavenly Father is the only one you need to impress - not any boy, or girl, or teacher, or college, or leader, or any one else. And you know all those things you didn't do because you didn't want to go out of your comfort zone? DO THEM. I promise you, you won't regret it.


  1. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower. :o)
    Would love for you to stop in and say hi!

    Jenn @ Sweet Life of a Southern Wife

  2. Love it girl:)very interesting!
    I am not very shy, I am the one who is always introducing herself and organizing stuff(i am pretty bossy, in a good way, most of the time;P)

  3. the 40s would be awesome for sure!
    stoppin by from the hop!

  4. Aww what a cute kitty!! Lol

    But yea, I'm not sure which decade that's in but it looks so lovely (:

    I hope you have a good day, girl!!


  5. How fun is that?? I LOVE it! And I also love to clean when I'm stressed out...or frustrated...or procrastinating. :)


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