Watch Out, I'm on A Roll!

     This is amazing.....I sewed something that's acually wearable!!!!!! I'm a bit handicapped in the sewing department (that probably has something to do with the fact that I don't like doing all the extra work that makes things work properly), so this is huge. I guess I have sewn functional clothing items before, but the past few I've made have either totally failed or been functional....for someone a few sizes bigger than me.

      And now, for the big reveal......

      I had this dress that I got from Target on clearance around a year ago that's always been too short to be modest.

      I decided that it would make a really cute shirt, so I unpicked the skirt from the elastic band (which took FOREVER) and made a half-shirt from one of my DIY fails, a skirt from a man's polo shirt.

      Then I sewed the two together, and voila!

      It turned out exactly how I wanted it to! And isn't it cute?

      And with a belt....

      I'm quite happy:)

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