I really love all of the awesome DIY clothing tutorials that are out in blogland right now. People are so creative! Whenever I see one that I love, I put it on my to do list. Unfortunately, I have issues with following directions (or something like that) and my projects never turn out quite the way I want them to. But not this time! I was looking through my pile of failed DIY clothing items and scraps from knit shirts, and I found the top half of a teal knit t-shirt I had used to make a few of these bracelets from V and Co. (which actually turned out all right). I wanted to get rid of it, so I went on Pinterest and searched for t-shirt scarves. I found one that I liked (tutorial here) , and in less than five minutes (seriously!) I had a super-cute new fringed scarf!

The original:

Note to self:
learn how to take non-blurry pictures

     Hopefully this signals a new start for me in DIY projects, filled with many successes that I'll actually wear!

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