Castles in the Air

         School kicked up a notch....or five notches. Nothing else could have pulled me away from posting every day. I am very devoted to all of my diligent viewers (a.k.a. my mom. If she knows my blog URL).
          Well, while I was not posting, I was hard at work on a hefty research paper on the injustice of acid attacks against women throughout the world, and this baby:

            Isn't she beautiful? It's much better in real life. I made it for my dear cousin's birthday. Just in case you couldn't tell, it says "A true love story lasts forever" along the bottom. I made another one of the San Diego temple with the saying "If this isn't your castle, then you're not my prince" across the top. Do you know what my least favorite part of cross stitching is? The writing. Yes, that is supposed to be the easiest part. But it's not. Really. Well, I'm sure it would be much easier if I followed the pattern for the letters, but I don't like their letters.  Not that I think mine are any prettier . . .
           Happy Monday!

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