GOALS {because resolutions are made to be broken}

In 2012, I deliberately did not make any goals or resolutions at the 
beginning of the new year. It was nice to take a break...sometimes, the unrealistic goals 
we have a tendency to make can become a heavy load to carry. 
I'm ready for goals this year, though. So with out further ado - 
In 2013, I will...

+ learn how to type - like, the right way. As in, not looking at the keyboard. 
I'm going to start from scratch, and I've got a few websites I can use to help. This is going to be tough...because I hate typing. But it's a necessary skill and I figure it'll end up 
saving me time, so it'll be worth it!

+ bear my testimony in Church 3 times - this terrifies me. I'm not sure why, but it does. I get up in front of everybody and I freeze and when I'm done I can't even remember anything I said. But this'll be good for me! I need to get more comfortable with it.

+ spend 30 minutes a week with Preach My Gospel - I've got a mission to prepare for, after all! But it'll help in my everyday life, too.

+ work my butt off to get a 25 minute race time next season - I can do it. But that means I can't just stop working out when I'm not doing races...I've kinda gotta start now. Working out is fun!

+ STUDY the Book of Mormon twice, cover to cover - hopefully using up the rest of my old scripture journal and moving into my fancy new one.

+ put more effort into creating friendships through my blog - part 1 of this goal is going to be commenting on at least 2 posts a day. Once I've got that down, I'll proceed from there.

+ find a way to make time for me on a regular basis - I've discovered it's rather important to have a life outside of school...something I've been lacking. As I manage my time more effectively, I'll have more time to relax - to have fun - to sharpen the saw.

+ pay attention to the little things - I need to learn to let things be and stop worrying constantly. It'd be much more worth my while to stop and think about how many things I have to be grateful for - or to look outside myself and see what little thing I might be able to do for someone else.

+ do a bit or reorganizing/redecorating/getting rid of a ton of stuff - self explanatory.

+ get the new blog design in place - I figured I might as well stick something easy to check off in there.

This year's mantra is
And the word is

This is going to be an amazing year.
Just you wait and see.

Covered in Grace

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  1. What are your plans for a new look to your blog? It looks like you already got started?


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