Being Taught and Learning

So who out there has forgotten about my Happiness Project?
Yeah, me too.

But life's been teaching me a lot - about who I am, who I'm becoming, my relationships...and I haven't been enjoying all of it. But sometimes enjoying it isn't really the point. The times when I was just focused on how much I didn't like the situation I was in, I should have been opening myself to learn from the lessons I was being blessed with.
That's how  we progress in life - by letting go of our pride and our own ideas of how things should be. I'll get to that point eventually... Thankfully, Heavenly Father has proven that He loves me unconditionally and is willing to reteach me lessons as often as I need them, until I allow myself to really learn them, and he's given me tons of wonderful people in my life to help me get to that point.

I really need to learn to stop letting me get in the way of becoming who I'm meant to be.

P.S. The Happiness Project will be getting a bit of a makeover, to better fit with what I've been learning about myself...it turns out that the plan I made for myself a year ago doesn't quite fit who I am right now. But it'll be back soon!

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  1. Good for you...some of us just keep having to learn the same thing over and over again, because we never quite get to that point where we realize there's something to LEARN. I always have to remind myself that even the bad days are FORWARD MOTION if I can find something to learn in them. :) Just keep swimming...


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