{2012} Year in Review

 2012 was quite the year...
I'm sure I'll be sharing more on that later, but for now-a year in blog posts! Well, not quite a year, because I haven't been a resident of blogland for a full year yet, but it's pretty close!

The first picture of me on the blog...
Fancy, eh?
There are definitely some awkward posts in my first month of blogging! It's interesting to look back and see myself developing my own blogging style {in writing and in the look....I think I went through three or four different designs in this first month alone}and becoming more me on my blog.
So I'm choosing I Stand All Amazed for April. This is one of the least forced-sounding posts - it's just me talking about something I care deeply about.

The first collage I ever made for the blog...oi.
I participated in Mission: Put Together 2012 in May, and It's Over? Already? is my wrap-up post. I really did love that experience - I learned a lot about my personal style and being comfortable with what I wear. And it was nice that I was one of the winners, too....

LOVE is just me chatting about my most favoritest song in the entire world, Come Thou Font.


 July was a busy month! I took trips and made stuff and had tons of fun-enjoying the first full month of no school. I think this was the month that I really came into my blogging voice, too, and I started reaching out and joining linky parties and such.
I'm choosing my first Dear Boys post for July...because I think it's kind of hilarious.
Oh, and one more, because it was very momentous: my first {and probably last} tutorial!

August was a good month for blogging. And I like a ton of the posts...so you get more than one again.
Sorry! {but not really (: }
I made myself have a good month despite the fact that I hated August.
Hating it: It is NOT
Deciding to love it: Paradigm Shift!
Actually loving it!: It is NOT, part 2
Being awarded my first Liebster Award.
Aaaand my Bloggy Goals - which I think I'm actually doing pretty well on, by the way.

I Chose...and It Happened!
Sometimes, I am disciplined enough to choose joy even when everything is going against it.


I loved participating in Project Inspire!

I saw Hunter Hayes live!!!

I wrote a post about How to Post Regularly When Life is INSANE ... which I haven't been following very well as of late...


I'm still having a hard time grasping the fact that it's not December anymore...holy cannoli, it's 2013!
Posting was kinda sparse in December, but I really liked Believing in Something.

And there you have it - 2012 in blog posts. 
I've loved blogging, and the friendships I've made by doing it. Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this stuff I keep spewing out - it means a lot to me!

There's going to be a change in my blog design coming soon! Remember when I won that giveaway where I got a free blog header? Well, the header's been ready for a while now, I've just been slacking with making my new tabs and buttons and such to match it. But now that I've told y'all about it, I'm accountable to get it done before my winter break is over {I'm back in classes on Monday...ugh}. I love how it's looking so far, and I can't wait to finish it up!

Covered in Grace


  1. Hi!! I was your blog angel for the month of December! Can't wait to continue following you, do you have twitter or instagram? http://mommydaddyandmason.blogspot.com/2013/01/december-blog-angel-reveal.html

  2. Hey Naimh! Thank you so much for linking up!! I love this post, and I'm off to read a few more of the ones you linked in. Xo

  3. Awesome post!! Just got back from my trip...finally able to hop around from the 2012 year in review link up! Thanks for linking up with us! I'm a Happy New Follower!

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