12 for '12


1. In the races I ran, I proved that I could push myself to be better, and I had my best season yet.

2. I saw Hunter Hayes live {and free!} - my first ever concert! {post here}

3. I had fun - I've gone out to do stuff just because I could more this year than I ever have before.

4. I sewed some wearable items!

5. I started a blog.

6. I pushed myself musically - I played a piano/violin duet with my friend, a piano/organ duet (with me on organ!), and organ for Church twice, in addition to being the pianist for several baptisms and a funeral.

7. I started my Happiness Project...and have made significant progress in some areas

8. I survived the most brutal semester of my educational history - and came out with the highest
 GPA I could have gotten. 

9. I expanded my movie education - you know those movies that everybody's been in love with forever? Yeah...I just saw them this year. More accurately, I just saw them in the last 3 months.

10. I read Jesus the Christ.

11. I won a couple giveaways, and was a contributor in another one.

12. I discovered more about who I am and who I'm becoming...and I think I'm liking it. (:

Can you believe that 2012 is over??? Because I can't. 
What were the highlights of your year?

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