Well, Look Who's Back


Gaahhh! It's 2 in the afternoon! And guess what I've done today? Ummm...yeah, pretty much nothing.

I've been on the computer since about 9 in the morning, reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube. While the blogs I was reading were pretty fabulous (I just found Oh, Sweet Joy! today and I quite like it), reading them wasn't particularly productive. Like, at all. But it is soooooo good to have the computer back! It completely crashed last week (AGAIN. This is the second time, and we've only had this computer since February!), but after letting someone from the tech support thingy in India take control of our computer for a couple hours, we got everything back! Kind of. Actually, all we got back was a the factory settings on the computer. We lsot all of our files, but at least we can turn it on! Hurrah for technology!

BTDubs, it turns out that being away from the computer is good for the blogging part of my brain (yup. Everyone gets one when they start a blog), and I came up with all sorts of things to post about during my time off! I'm ready to become a serious blogger...well, for the next three days. Then I'm gone for a week again. Sheesh - this blogging business is harder than it looks!

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