So I Walk into GAP for the First ((and Last)) Time....

And an hour and several trips to the fitting room later, I'm the proud owner of

shop here

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

+ look at the color! And to imagine I was thisclose to buying a GRAY pair. Sheesh.
+ they are so comfy! I always had something against jeggings - no clue why - but now that I own a pair, I love them to death
+ they go with...um, everything in my closet! No kidding. I stayed up way late last night just putting together jillions of different outfits with them.
+ they were FREE

hand-me-down shirt & scarf,
GAP jeggings (cuffed because it's a gajillion degrees outside)

thrifted cardigan & bandana/scarf,
hand-me-down shirt & belt, GAP  jeggings,
wet seal flip-flops

hand-me-down blazer & shirt & necklace & belt,
GAP jeggings, wet seal flip-flops

So you remember M:PT? I was one of the lucky winners of the voucher for free GAP jeans! ((See the other winners here)) I had never been in a GAP store before, and I don't imagine that it will be happening again in the near future - have you seen the price tags in there? I would have had to pay over $70 for these pants! That's a bit much, especially considering that pretty much every other item of clothing I'm wearing in these pictures is a hand-me-down. But they were free, so it's not an issue.

Happy happy day!

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  1. Wow, I love those pants! Your outfits are all very cute but I think the cardi and scarf would be my favorite!

    I used to dislike jeggings too--even the name sounded silly and unwearable. Then I bought a pair of quality jeggings and fell in love. I think if you buy a good pair it's going to be different than buying a cheapie pair! Nice score with the Gap voucher, BTW--things like that are always so fun!



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