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Ahem...obviously my concept of time is a bit loose. As I've shown thus far, "tomorrow" could mean anything from tomorrow to next week. My bad....I'm working on it!

#1) We just put new knobs on our antique buffet table! We've been a bit reluctant to make any changes - it was made by my great-great-great grandfather, therefore it's special. But it was getting a bit ridiculous; the original knob/pulls just weren't doing the job. And it looks all shabby chic now!

#2) Last Saturday I got to hang out at the lake all day with a bunch of friends. We went swimming, kayaking, and wake-boarding. This was my first time on a boat/wake-boarding, and I LOVED it! Kind of strange, considering my fear of water, but whatevs! There's just a great feeling that comes from being on the water like that....

#3) I had an AMAZING shopping trip the other day - fabulous thrifting! And the best part is, every single item could have worked for M:PT. If you knew how I shopped pre-M:PT, you would be amazed!


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