The Apple

DAY NINE // a photo of the item you last purchased

When I looked at this prompt last night, I thought it was just perfect, because I was planning a trip to Salvation Army today to see if I could find anything to help with organizing my room when I move out. This was supposed to be a fun thrifting haul post.

I did go - but there was nothing. I didn't even find anything when I looked through clothes. Overall a very disappointing trip.

So that makes my Macbook Pro the last thing I bought.

Let's talk for a second about how I've hated Macs all my life.

I've always really hated Macs.

And I tried really hard to find a way out of getting one, but it ended up being the only sensible choice. All of my graphic design labs this semester are Mac based. So here I am, with my fancy schmancy 15" Retina display Macbook Pro, that cost the equivalent of like 5 months of work.

Don't tell anyone, but I kinda love it.

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